Official: Stuttgart in the defender Ogene lease to join the Salzburg Red Bull - Trade, global trading platform
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According to the official website of Stuttgart, the team has reached an agreement with the Austrian Salzburg Red Bull on the lease of the defender Ogene (J & In the form of a lease for the Austrian defending champion. "For young players like Wenggel, nothing is more important than accumulating the game experience, and there is a lot of opportunities for the tournament to offer," said Rieschke, director of sports at Stuttgart. We will be very concerned about his development there. Ouba Mayon: No matter where I go, I will always go back to Dortmund.
Dortmund striker Obermeyan has uploaded a photo of his own social network on his own network, but he says he is not going to leave the team. Originally thought to leave this summer, Obama will eventually stay in the team, and he recently uploaded a picture of their own is about to fly to Italy, is it ready to join AC Milan? "I do not care where I want to go, because I always go back to Dortmund," he wrote. Official: Leicester City rented the Austrian international Dracovic _ tiger flutter international football news
September 1, Leicester City in the club official website announced that they rented to the Austrian international Draghovic. The 26-year-old defender will report to Leicester City after the national team's race, and Dragoovic has traveled to Austria, Switzerland and the Ukrainian League and has 54 national team experience. Dragoovic joined Leverkusen last summer and now he will have a wealth of experience for Leicester City defense. Official: Liverpool defender Sarko official transfer of crystal palace _ tiger flutter international football news (Click to buy cheap fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

The Liverpool club announced on the official website that the defender Sarko moved to join the Crystal Palace Club. Crystal Palace Club then confirmed that Sarko completed the transfer, the two sides signed four years. According to British media, Sarko transfer fee of 26 million pounds. Sarko was born in Paris Saint-Germain youth academy, joined the first team in 2007, 2013 to 18 million pounds price transfer to join Liverpool. Three seasons in the Sarko representative of Liverpool played in the tournament 80 times, into the 3 ball. April 2016 As a result of being charged with doping, Sarko was suspended for 30 days, so missed eight games, including Liverpool and Sevilla's European Cup final. UEFA then confirmed that Sarko taking nail arsenic is not in the World Anti-Doping Agency's list of doping, the suspension of punishment is unfair.

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