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Brawl Stars Advanced Raiders: Bounty Mode Roles Ranking

The following is the game video, please everyone onlookers:

Do not know if you have noticed that the player is almost full level hero:
Brawl Stars Advanced Raiders: Bounty Mode Roles Ranking
Original title: Brawl Stars advanced Raiders: Bounty model role ability ranking

Brawl Stars players are good at night, today Xiaobian for everyone to bring Brawl Stars game Bounty mode (Bounty) of the advanced Raiders. I hope you read this Raiders, the appreciation of the bounty model will be improved, which can improve the level of the game, so that you get more happiness in the game.

Gossip less, immediately enter the text:

Understanding the Bounty Pattern:
Bounty model and snatch mode (Smash & Grab) is very similar, similar to the 3V3, kill the other players can get awards and so on. The only difference is that there is no tangible object to "grab" (grab the pattern of purple stones), bounty mode is more inclined to pure 3V3 competition, competition is the player's operation with the team with.

Since the main purpose of the bounty model is to kill, in the current game version biased in favor of the case of long-range heroes, we are also preferred to remote-based.

Tactical thinking is to keep the distance from the enemy players to each other, to remote consumption mainly in (welcome to our Brawl Stars GEMS site ). the face of fat (El Primo), Bull (Bull) such blood thick and blushing heroes, the need for teammates in the remote set fire. And snatch mode is different, the bounty model scores behind a team is necessary to attack, kill to score. So always pay attention to keep the distance and the enemy, even if the shrink in the birth point is also possible (of course, under the premise of the score).

Xiaobian give you in this bounty mode sixteen tactics: "enemy into me back, the enemy in my disturbance, the enemy I am afraid to fight, the enemy retreat I chase." In fact, the leading case can also not chase, please remember the front 12 words like.

All heroes in the bounty rating:
S level:

S-class by the three excellent attack, far range of the composition of the role. They can easily kill from a distance, but need to pay attention to the moment and the enemy to keep a distance, remember not to go in depth, otherwise it is likely to wait for the countdown.

Ricochet: One of them has the (for more info about longest range of roles (the other two are Piper and Brock), attack power is also quite good, bullet ejection properties so that it can often output in the tricky angle, very suitable for the gold mold to keep the wretched output from the play , The disadvantage is that the value of life is too low.

Colt: One of the top attackers (the other five are Piper, Brock, Bull, El Primo and Shelly, who have the highest rating on the attack, but will be different due to the output environment), fast The attack CD compensates for the shortcomings of the range (slightly lower than Ricochet, Piper and Brock, above the other characters), and can instantaneously output tons of damage on a straight line.

Piper: The current version is bug-like, with the highest attack power and the farthest range (and Brock), compared to Brock's excellent move that can make her quickly adjust the position, out of danger. Will play the piper in this version is quite horrible.

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