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Schuler: accept the competition with Yarmo Renzo, want to play the World Cup _FIFA 18 NEWS international football news
FIFA 18 NEWS September 5 hearing Dortmund star Xu Erle recently in an interview when talking about the Yalomolianko, Deng Beilei and the World Cup topic. About Yalomolenko; I certainly heard the name, but tell me the truth, he is not very understanding, he is now playing the national team game, I believe he is a very good player, he will certainly help us, he And my position is the same, and now I can not accept the competition, but wait until I hurt, I will be prepared in the training. It was disappointing about leaving the team, but it was better at the end of the transfer, so we could finally see some other news in the media. Everyone wants to participate in the World Cup, because this is your highest honor as a player, and I have experienced a great feeling to achieve a great goal, I want to come again, but I know there are many tasks in front of I am very relaxed about it. Italian media: Cagliari striker Han Guang Song technical ability far more than the same age _FIFA 18 NEWS international football news (welcome to buy fifa 18 coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA 18 NEWS September 5, according to the Italian website RivistaUndici reported that this year in Italy B stadium set off the whirlwind of the Korean striker Han Guang Song, has aroused widespread concern in the Apennine Peninsula. The 19-year-old striker, played last season on behalf of Cagliari and scored a goal in Turin, is the first five league debut, the goal of the Korean football player. The country, starting in 2013, the system of football talent training program, looking for North Korea is the Messi, re-established in the Asian arena, is the ultimate goal of North Korea. Han Guang Song was discovered by Italian scouts Alessandro - Dominicus (discovered by Nakata Yoshihiro and Ahn Jung-hwan) and Sturpelini, and brought him to Italy in 2014, Tempelini is still the agent of Han Guang Song. Han Guang Song is now the challenge is the South Korean striker Ahn Jung-hwan on behalf of Perugia 30 Serie A scored five goals in the record. First of all, he broke out in the Cagliari youth team, its display of technical ability far more than peers, and quickly transferred to the first team, this summer, Han Guang Song was Cagliari loan to Perugia, his first Field game staged a hat trick, the second game and then into a ball, 2 rounds of 4 ball temporarily lead the scorer list. RivistaUndici also combined with the video analysis of Han Guang Song show some of the technical characteristics, that Han Guang Song valuable is able to show a very positive side of the defensive end, with the Pescara game, he has a lot of anti-grab and participate in the defense Picture, but Han Guang Song also know their role, he will not waste physical fitness frequent long-distance raid to the side of the restricted area, but will selectively make back, he is in the 1-on-1 link is confident, but also willing to Teammates to cooperate with. Speed, is the advantage of Han Guang Song, but also his main features, once the space, Han Guang Song can quickly throw off the defensive team, interview Han Guang Song also mentioned, in the Cagliari training, in order to block He, the first team players have to take intentional foul tactics. Han Guangsong good counterattack, once opened the space unless you can guarantee more physical contact, otherwise it is difficult to stop him. Han Guang Song Another good place is plug in the offensive, in the first round of the league this feature has been undoubtedly his right side of the activities of the high side, but also like and teammates echo, made with the pull open attack space, which is A habit of a very modern striker.

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