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Mirror: Evans will be next month to 30 million pounds to join Manchester City

West Bromwich Bay defender Evans will be next month to 30 million pounds to join Manchester City. After the 18 million pounds offer was rejected, Manchester City once again offer the former Manchester United defender. This summer, Guardiola has spent more than £ 200 million in the transfer market, with defense spending approaching £ 130 million.

29-year-old Evans did not choose to renew the West and Brown, (Click to buy fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) and he did not in the new season for the team on the track. But he is still the Northern Ireland national team recruited, Northern Ireland will be the World Cup against San Marino and the Czech Republic.

West Brian yesterday with the defender Dawson contract, and they want to sign Tottenham guard Vermeer to keep the defense of the solid line. In addition, the Middlesbrough guard - Gibson is also within the radar range of West Brom.

It is reported that Pulisi hope to 30 million pounds signed Vermeer and little chance to play Tottenham striker Janssen. And if Swansea can match the West Brom on the striker Shazley 25 million pounds price, then he may leave the team, because Swansea hope to introduce a striker to fill the gap in West Erzilson.

French football: looking for substitutes, Barcelona consider Chelsea winger William
According to "French football" message, Barcelona interested Chelsea attack midfielder William.

Barcelona has been trying to introduce Dengbei Lai and Kutiniao, but the negotiations between the two has been ring true. And Barcelona has been preparing for the replacement, in addition to Dimaliya, Chelsea midfielder William into their line of sight, the team is preparing to contact and William. William both sides can play on both sides, and last season he was in Chelsea's playing time was cut, but (Click to buy fifa 18 coins for sale,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) he only in the Premiership starting 15 times. Although the face of fierce competition, but he is still very high efficiency, the Premier League last season scored a total of eight goals, the game harvested 12 goals, 5 assists.

And then Manchester United has been interested in the Brazilians, he said in an interview: "I have worked with Mourinho, I became his friend, he likes me, I like him this person. Manchester United people have to find I talked to my agent, but nothing happened, because Chelsea would not sell me anyway, and I was happy at Chelsea.

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