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Henry column: horse is progressing quickly, Lacazet is very selfless _FIFA 18 international football news
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FIFA 18 Aug. 30 Sadio Marne is one of the most efficient players in the Premier League, and he has proved this again in Sunday's match with Arsenal. Ma's game attitude is very good, is a very good player, and now he read the game's ability to improve. Ma's play is very direct, he knows his task is to destroy the opponent's defense. He never played the bike as a flower, no extra action. He just get the ball, the full speed sprint, he is very direct, has been with confidence against the opponent's defense. Prior to the game with Hoffenheim, the horse with two heels passing the opponent's entire line of defense, found the vacant teammates. When Ma was playing in Salzburg, I was his fan, and he proved himself to be one of the best signings of the company. Last season he was expected to compete for the Premier League Player of the Year, but a series of knee injuries let him slow down, and I was surprised at his recovery speed. If Kutiniao stay in Liverpool, Kutiniao may go to kick the left, if the horse moved to the right, where is Sarah? Ma Er no matter which side, can give the team the same help. But I feel that the horse is more like a duck on the left, because on the left he can cut the door. With Arsenal's game, his data is great, and Arsenal lost to Stoke City, unable to resist the impact of the horse. I would like to see Sanchez after the return, will give Arsenal how much change to see if he and Lacazette soon build a tacit understanding. You can see me in the sky sports interview Lacazet reports, no doubt, he will and Girou, Sanchez to Arsenal to bring more fire, if you want to compete for the championship, the team at least 3 , 4 reliable shooter. I have been concerned about Lacazet for a long time, he is not the kind of defender most difficult to deal with the shooter, but he knows how to put pressure on opponents, how to change the opponent to play. Before a few seasons, he scored goals in Lyon, and I witnessed his progress. I originally thought that Atletico Madrid had already signed Lacazet, but it was not surprising that it was going to join another giants after the move was blown. He is the kind of players in all teams can play a role, and sometimes he took the ball, the fans will shout; , But he will choose to pass the ball to the better position of the teammates. I have thought that when I play this will make such a choice? Sometimes I and the goalkeeper one by one, I will pass the ball to his teammates, let him easily break. And Lacazet is also such a person. In the game against Leicester, he sent a good pass to Ramsey, and the other when he had the chance to hit the door, he chose to pass the ball to Ozil. For Arsenal and Liverpool these teams, the goal is not a problem, the key to victory or defeat is defense. (Click to buy fifa 18 coins for sale, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
Official: Hull City three years contract to sign Wreck forward Deke _FIFA 18 international football news
FIFA 18 Aug. 30 Hull City announced at the club's official website that they had signed the Malay striker Nouha Dicko from the Wolves. Hull City did not disclose the specific transfer costs, Dick and the team signed a three-year contract. The 25-year-old striker for the Wolves played a total of 96 league games, scored 31 goals. Speaking of the transfer, Dicky said: "I am really happy to be here, I hope this will be for me the club will be a wonderful time. The deal took a few weeks, and after I learned that Hull City was interested in me, things began to go deep. I am glad that everything is now resolved, and I look forward to incorporating it here and usher in a new beginning. FIFA brokers: Keita transfer to Monaco on both sides happy _FIFA 18 international football news

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