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The first week of the regular season pirates against dolphins game extended to the eleventh week
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NFL officially will be the first week of the regular season Tampa Bay pirates against Miami Dolphins game extended to the first 11 weeks.
Hurricane "Alma" is currently moving to South Florida and the wind is still growing. The league announced that the game will be postponed until November 19. Pirates and dolphins in the eleventh week are welcome to take turns.
This decision means that the dolphins and pirates will continue to participate in 16 consecutive games without rest.
Although the extension is not an ideal decision, when the hurricane struck to continue the game for both sides is not a good thing. It would be tough to play 16 consecutive games, but on the other hand the players could stay with their families at the end of the storm this weekend.
Hurricane "Elmar" is the fifth highest wind speed at least 185 miles per hour of the Atlantic hurricane.
Although the specific route of the storm is still unable to know in advance, the local government departments to do the worst prepared. At this point the rugby game should be on the side.

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