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English name (helmet), by the shell, face mask (face mask) and jaw strap (chin strap) and other components to reduce the face, especially the nose and mouth the possibility of injury
Shoulder pad
English name shoulder pads, to avoid the shoulder due to collision caused by dislocation, and the protection of the chest and ribs. Players must follow their role to choose the right shoulder pad.
The elbow pads, especially on artificial turf, (Click here to buy Mut 18 coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) are hardened and the player must be equipped with elbow to avoid elbow contusion.
English players (gloves) Some players used to bring gloves to catch the ball, or in the cold weather when used warm. Gloves are usually in the palm of a layer of sticky rubber material, while the defensive front of the gloves in each finger outside a layer of thick pad to protect your fingers.
Waist hip pad
English name (hip pads), to protect the players waist, buttocks and groin, resist push and pull, collision, interception and fall in the air and so on.
Leg pad
English name (thigh pads) to protect the muscles of the thigh, to avoid being trampled or other injuries.
The English name, like the elbow, is particularly needed on artificial turf, mostly made of thick, elastic sponge.
English name (cleats), the (welcome to buy NFL 18 coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) players need to wear a different shoes to
Derek-Karl explains why the flag-raising ceremony put his teammate on his shoulders
Derek Carr, a quarterback of Auckland Raiders, denied any protest on the shoulders of defender Khalil Mack at the flag-raising ceremony before the game.
Karl said he did it just to show their unity, "we want to show the children are: looking at me, watching him, no matter what the color of the child are not related, you are all care. And we are good friends, we love each other.
Karl also made it clear that "the only reason for this is to let people look at us because we know what is happening outside, and now everyone is very concerned about this flag-raising ceremony, so this is the best chance to show you for the country Respect for me because I love my country.We are free to live here, free competition, we can also freely show love for people around it is what I want to express.
In fact, Carl is not the only player to make such a behavior, but do not know whether this explanation can make fans satisfied.

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