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Interview with Mourinho: I do not like the placid; Nemal broke the transfer rules

Interview with Mourinho: I do not like the placid; Nemal broke the transfer rules.
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In the most luxurious neighborhood of London, on the balcony of the Carlton mansion, Mourinho sat on the couch full of ancient rhyme, so elegant that he seemed to fit into all the luxurious decorations around him Among them. In the early stages of the Premiership, Manchester United this season, the first three rounds of all nine points, leading the entire league, and this time, Mourinho's eyes appeared a trace of calm. I do not like this placid He said, after a few seconds, he repeated the sentence again. Mourinho felt that the current competitive environment was too quiet, and I liked to put a little pressure on myself. He said: I like to watch, from time to time to see the time. It is now 2:30 pm. If at three o'clock I need to appear somewhere, I will tell myself that I have to get there at 2:50. I will do that about my job. I will habitually advance the time. I always feel that there is a little pressure on me is a good thing. If you look at the sea, I do not like the front of the placid. For example, like the moment, people use their way to talk about my team. I think it is immature, I do not like it. I tend to be in other ways, maybe give yourself a little pressure. And set aside time, is a good way to put their own pressure. Mourinho's understanding of coaching career long-term plans and short-term plans Mourinho used the concept of time to talk about his coaching philosophy. In their own endorsement manufacturers Yu ship watches business endorsement activities, Mourinho promised "The Times" reporter conducted a rare interview this time. In fact, Mourinho's career in many stories is just as time to race the game. (Click to cheap fifa 18 coins ps4,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
These days, there are too many in the football world; long-term plans, such as the five-year plan, but Mourinho's practice, and perhaps most people are different, he around 90 minutes of the game to do every A game is an important cornerstone of Mourinho's work in a season, every season is a war, to win as much as possible the championship trophy. For a long time, since it was not possible to stay in a club for many years, Mourinho was always blamed by the outside world. He made a good result, he has been winning the championship trophy & mdash; Oporto, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, the second came to Chelsea, and now he was in Manchester United and he went on. Sometimes (Porto, Inter Milan) Mourinho led his unit to an incredible height. And sometimes, Mourinho will often usher in the peak after the rapid emergence of cliff-like decline, such as leading Chelsea to win the championship, waiting for him is the next chaos of the fall, Gongchoujiaocuo waiting for him when the floor is messy. But Mourinho believes that follow the footsteps of Sir Alex Ferguson, he can coach in Manchester United for many years, more than ever in their own coached every club, he suffered a lot of questions - he believed that this is not Fair. ; If people talk about me with a short-term plan, because I turned away after I won the honor, I have to accept this, because in my career a specific point in time, I really do so. He said:; when I coach Oporto, Inter Milan won the Champions League title, they chose to leave. Real Madrid hope I can stay, I also chose to leave Real Madrid here to add text paragraphs.

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