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Rivers talks back to Boston to participate in public welfare activities: do these meanings

Rivers talks back to Boston to participate in public welfare activities: do these meanings
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Four years ago, Doug - Rivers left the Celtics to the Clippers, the Celtics hired Brad Stevens as the team's new head coach. Rivers moved to Stevens before leaving Boston, and at the same time congratulating him, please Stevens helped him a favor. It is not about the game tactics, and the team or the players have nothing to do, not even about professional basketball. During his career at the Celtics, Rivers was also involved in a team called the Action for Boston Community Development, a nonprofit organization dedicated to low-income groups The As early as 2011, the Celtics team and Rivers worked together with the organization, and in the Celtics home garden Arena held an annual basketball charity activities to raise donations. But when Rivers joined the Clippers, Los Angeles and Boston were far away, and he was unable to return to Boston at any time to participate in these activities, so Rivers hopes Stevens to replace him to continue to accomplish this meaningful thing. "I told him that there was one thing I would like to ask you for. But if you feel the pressure, then I will find their own time to get back to get. But I really hope you can go to me to organize these, "Rivers said," Brad (Stevens) did not hesitate to say, & lsquo; I would have done it. " "This shows the personality of Brad, he knows this matter is very important for the Celtics, he also clearly after I left it is difficult to continue to participate in them. "The whole Celtics team is supporting this charity, but the reason they do is Brad - Stevens, I think this time he helped me a lot of busy." "Rivers then went on. Four years later, this charity event continues. US local time tomorrow, the basketball charity event will be the seventh time in the Celtics home garden arena, after the event, Rivers and Stevens will also accept the "Boston Globe" senior reporter Bob Ryan Of the interview. (welcome to to buy cheap nba 2k18 vc, all the product will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
"I feel like I will not answer too many questions this year, and certainly all about Brad (Stevens) because the Celtics have done this in the past." "Rivers said with a joke. "This is a very relaxing activity, and we do not have to focus on those particularly detailed questions. "Rivers then went on. Although it has now switched to Los Angeles, Rivers is still doing his best every year to return to Boston. There are two reasons, one is the director of the public welfare activities Bob Elias, one by Rivers called "have Kevin - Kevin Garnett passion & rdquo; leadership; and the other is his participation in the activities More money to raise money. "This event has been injected into my life," Rivers said, "to see those who love basketball, love the Celtics or love the history of the Celtics people here to participate in the activities really happy This is why I love this activity. "Of course people also need this activity, no matter how people live, it is still going to be carried out." This activity is to help other people, and has nothing to do with competition, but to help those who need help. I will do what I need to do, which is of great significance to others. This activity and the Celtics this team, I have always been involved. "Rivers said the last thing.

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