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Van der Sar: D-Sanchez should stay in Ajax for another year

Van der Sar: D-Sanchez should stay in Ajax for another year
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FIFA 18 News "London late flag newspaper" news, Ajax CEO, former Manchester United demon van der Sar said that Davidson - Sanchez should stay in Ajax for 1 year. Sanchez went to Tottenham with a transfer fee of 40 million pounds, and he spent only one year in Ajax. Speaking of the young players to leave the team, Van der Sar that he should stay in the team for another year, after helping the team to succeed before leaving. Van der Sar said:; I would rather not find someone to replace these players, because I want to have as much as possible a good team. ; But we know that to some extent these years the league is not very strong, hope that players can play here 3,4 or 5 years and give us to bring two championships and in Europe to achieve some success, and then In the ideal case this is the right time ahead. I think Sanchez is still too early for a year and he should stay for two or three years. ; But sometimes with the big league shrouded in our economic strength, like Ajax such a small league big club is also very difficult to resist some transfer transactions. Brescia chairman nickname "coach killer": coach is not a problem for the time being - Trade, global trading platform
FIFA 18 News Brescia new chairman Serino said coach Carney is not the team now. The former Cagliari and the Leeds chairman are known as the dismissal of the coach, and he also won the coach's killer's nickname. After receiving Leeds in 2014, Alan Road replaced seven masters, and he led the Sanshand Island in 36 times to change. Serino told Brescia that: now work began. I have heard a lot about the change of the coach, but this is our most important question. Herrera: game attitude can not be lost to Stoke, Manchester United fearless - China daily (welcome to to buy cheap fifa 18 coins, all the product will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

In a interview that, Manchester United this Saturday's game must be out and Stoke considerable spirit of God can continue this season so far outstanding performance. Going to the potter's home game is always tough, Manchester United since April 2013 has not been won there, when Carrick and Robin van Persie's goal to help the team win 2-0. Herrera told MUTV :; Premier League season is very long, each team can beat you. Now we have to face Stoke, we have no more than four seasons to win there again. The start of the season is very good, but we can not relax. We are ready to face them, hope that the weather there is not too bad, because when the weather is not good, it is difficult to play the game. We are ready. There is no excuse & mdash; & mdash; let's fight for victory there. We are Manchester United, so we are fearless. ; As always, the face of Manchester United, all the teams and all the other fans are ready to wait. For us it was a big day. We must come up with the same attitude as them, and then we must also come up with our level. First of all to ensure that the attitude. Where the stadium atmosphere will be against us, but it is normal. Back in time! Mbapi has been sitting in Paris in the press conference hall 10 years ago
Turkish President Nasser today announced at the press conference a mumbai's old photo. This photo shows the scene when Mbape visited Paris Saint-Germain's club 10 years ago. Have you seen this picture? Nasser at the press conference asked Mbapi. This is a picture of Muba 10 years ago, the photo he also sat in the Paris press conference hall, when he was laughing at the camera. ; Mbabei was sitting in the same chair, and today, but that is 10 years ago. Paris is his city, Paris Saint Germain is his beloved team. Now he's back. Killian, welcome to go home. Nasser said.

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