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Brazilian doctor: Kutiniao back discomfort is because of tension _FIFA 18 international football news
FIFA 18 GAME August 29th News Kutiniao has been on the grounds of back injury for the reason for refusing to play for Liverpool, but the Brazilian team doctor has confirmed his condition is perfect, it can not help but suspect that the midfield has suspected fraud. Now another Brazilian doctor has justified for Kutiniao. This midfielder hopes to move to Barcelona this summer, he has been on the grounds of back injury refused to play for Liverpool. And he has now reported to the Brazilian national team, the Brazilian team doctor Rasmus confirmed that Kutiniao did not have any injury problems. He said: from the medical point of view, Kutiniao in the perfect state can play. But a Brazilian doctor, but also a friend of Coutinho Xi Simoni came out for the midfield was explained, he said:; Kudiniao's back injury? He is all right now. The back problem is due to tension, is caused by some kind of emotion. His future uncertainty made him feel nervous and now everything is solved. Kutiniao and I have been friends for years, and I have been treating his injuries. Everything he needs is someone to give him some mobilization speech. Liverpool coach Crowe had said he expected Kutiniao to report to the national team, but he did not think the midfield could train. The Germans say: If he goes to the Brazilian national team and can train, although I do not think he can, but the Brazilian national team will make a decision. Replacement of Hick, Sampdoria Interested Barcelona striker Munir _FIFA 18 FIFA News
FIFA 18 GAME August 29th news DiMazio website reported that Sampdoria was interested in introducing Barcelona striker Munir. Sach is about to join Rome in the case, Sampo intends to continue in the front position to reinforce. Prior to they and Naples to discuss the transfer of Zapata, but Di Ma Ji Web site news reported that Zapata is not the first choice for Sampa's signings. It is reported that Samp hopes to introduce the player is Barcelona striker Muirier. Munir had previously been associated with Rome, but it now appears that Samp hopes to sign the young striker to reinforce. Will Weisses join Juventus? Broker: I think it is feasible _FIFA 18 International Football News (Click to buy fifa 18 coins for sale,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA 18 GAME August 29th News Schalke 04 former captain Herveyers' agent recently talked about their transfer of Juventus and the rumors of Juventus. What is the problem with the possibility of joining Juventus, broker Volker Struth said:; I think this is feasible, the problem now lies in the way of transfer. At the same time, he also said that Hurward also received a Premier League offer, but: this is not a very attractive club. Di Mario: Matri or join the Italian B team Parma _FIFA 18 international football news
FIFA 18 GAME August 29, according to Di Ma Jiao personal website reported that the former Italian international Materi may join the Italian Barma club. Parma's bankruptcy in 2015 was culminated into Italy's top-level amateur match, but captain Arielroro-Lucalei chose to stay and lead Parma to jump into the league. Yesterday Mattry was photographed and met with high-level Parma, he may be transferred to Parma. 33-year-old Matri had previously played for Florence, Juventus and AC Milan, he is currently playing in the Sasolo, last season to help the team scored 8 goals. Loewe: Thanks to the club coaches for the training of players _FIFA 18 International Football News
FIFA 18 GAME August 29 hearing The German Football Association held a coach conference in Hannover yesterday, the German national team coach Loew at the meeting praised the work of the club coaches. Loew said: "We only have to thank the Bundesliga coaches, those who have a youth training center made outstanding work. At the Confederations Cup and the U21 European Championship, one can clearly see that our players are well trained and that their resilience and personal character are outstanding. This is the credit of all German coaches. In Germany, we have a lot of good players to choose, this is an important gift, for some of us have a big goal in terms of competition, this is a very good prerequisite.

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