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Nike released KD10 "red velvet cupcakes" color _NBA 18 NBA news
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NBA 18 Aug. 30 Kevin Durant did not get rid of his former teammate's "nickname" for the cupcakes. Instead, he accepted the nickname. US time on Tuesday, Nike released Durant signature shoes KD10 latest color, red and black braided upper, frosted pattern of white soles, was named "KDX red velvet & rdquo ;. In the picture of the announcement, this shoe is wrapped in red velvet cupcakes (see news map). "Durant is known for his smooth, velvet game style, and in today's league, his game is the most fluent," he wrote in an official press release. "He can make it easy Defending his player looks helpless and always ready to make the next victim dessert. He dominated the game with unparalleled versatility, and was always driven by the sweet taste of victory. For him the victory is the most important of the day, any other thing is just icing on the cake. KDX red velvet & rsquo; color is to celebrate the game's most fluent player, and his tireless pursuit of the sweet taste of victory. After Durant announced that he would join the Warriors in July 2016, Russell Westbrook had released an Instagram picture, a plate filled with cupcakes, to wish everyone a happy day. Kendrick - Perkins in the sense of his teammates played too soft when they called them "cake cups", which is in Westbrook, Durant and Perkins between an internal joke, when When they are teammates, they often call each other in social media. "Cake Cake" became Durant in the last season back to Oklahoma City when the slogan, the fans in the Durant free throw when it shouted it, the court is full of paper cups, and even There is a fan wearing a full set of cupcakes. The new color of the shoes is not the first time Durant will be the story of the cupcake cake in their own body. After Durant returned to Russia, he and his teammates held some paper cups and t-shirts to celebrate and wore them after the game. In this offseason, Durant had worn a hat with a small cup of cake and a ring in the cake. New color shoes sold in US time on Friday. Kobe: Curry's third is like a baseball baseball game (Click to buy buy nba 2k18 mt,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

NBA 18 August 30 NBA 2K18 recently revealed a series of the latest details, including a special guest commentary, NBA ranking Kobe Bryant - Kevin - Kevin Garnett will join the 2K18 interpretation group, two People will be in the game offer. Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett in the interpretation of the process also answered the explanation Kevin Harlan a series of articles published in the official release of the film, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett in the interpretation of the process also answered the explanation Kevin Harlan a series problem. Harlan: talk about the desire to completely destroy the opponent's right? Kobe: the spirit of competition to stimulate the best players. Harlan: who was the first person to influence you? Garnett: Magic Johnson, of course, Michael - Jordan, then Chris - Weber. When I first met Weber, I was quite shocked. Harlan: Now (Stephen) Curry cast three points, the arc is beautiful, he hit the third again! Kobe Bryant, you hit a lot of times in your career, how do you see the third of the library? Kobe: his three-point projection distance is like a baseball in the home run, see the ball in the sky feeling really good Harlan: What is the feeling of defense of Shaq? Garnett: You know, I have defended Shaq once, feeling like a house in the top, I can not move the right hand and other people waved all day, I had to use his left hand. Harlan: Who is your favorite 1v1 player? Kobe: Kerry (Owen) is excellent. Harlan: First of all, how do you watch his ball? Kobe: he can reach the midline and then a left hand hook, he can use the ball to attack the opponent, with three threats confuse the opponent, I mean, his game without any weaknesses, many people should be glad he did not 6 feet 6 inches (1.98m). Harlan: otherwise he is Kobe - Bryant, haha. Bertens: apologize to law enforcement jurors for their own improper remarks _NBA 18 NBA news

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