I think that respect is very important when talking about football. Respect for opponents is always very important, but Hoffenheim is respectful of their strength. It is important to analyze your opponent, and then your next step is to take measures to curb the opponent to play their strengths. Obviously everyone saw the strength of Hoffenheim, they have a very clear plan. I really respect the results of Nagelman (Hoffenheim) and his team - they (welcome to gameusd.com buy fifa 18 coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) have done a very good job, the team together.

We also have our own plans, we need to calmly deal with their offensive, their passing and they create half of the offensive and defensive. They have enough good players, they play very aggressive. Their football and the way to deal with the FIFA 18 GAME is very good, I am 100% respect for this. In order to win the FIFA 18 GAME we have a lot of work to do.

About whether Liverpool practiced a penalty before the FIFA 18 GAME ...

I did not let the players practice the penalty in the training, but I allowed them to train themselves after the training. They like to do so, it is also one of the possible FIFA 18 GAME. I believe that everyone knows that entering the penalty shootout is not a perfect script, but if the FIFA 18 GAME had to enter the penalty shootout, then we will still make every effort, because the Champions League race is our important goal.

About Kutinho ...

He can not (from tomorrow to resume training), because in addition to this (back injury), he is still sick. There is a player is also sick, but his situation is not serious, so today resumed training. If Kutiniao starts training from tomorrow, he will need a lot of time to recover before returning to the stadium because he has been absent for a long time. At the moment I do not know the specific situation, when he returns, we must check well.
Official: Liverpool midfielder Ralana will be off for months
Liverpool official announced that the team midfielder Adam - Lalana will be long since the thigh injury missed.

The Liverpool midfielder (Click here to buy fut 18 coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) was injured in the Audi Cup final against Atletico, and Clop confirmed that he would miss "a few months instead of weeks," and he has followed Liverpool's medical team to start the recovery process.

"It's obviously not the news we're willing to hear," he said. "Unfortunately, this injury means that Adam will be out for a few months instead of a few weeks and I think we can be very sure he can not be in August and 9 Month appearance.

"After this time, we will observe and then look at how he is a person who has maintained a world-class professional attitude to everything, since I came here, every time he was in the best The time comes back, so let 's wait and see.
Italian media: Mandala asked Manchester City to join their own Inter
Italy Sky Sports reported that Mangala has made a request to Manchester City, he hoped that Manchester City can put their own to join Inter Milan.

Mangala has and Inter on the personal terms to reach an agreement, Inter hopes to buy the first rent to buy the name of the 26-year-old defender. But Manchester City hopes to sell Managara directly, so the deal has not progressed.

And the Italian sky sports journalist Di Ma Jiao said, Mangala Wednesday and Manchester City will meet, he hopes to promote their own Inter Milan transactions.

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